Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some of the things we've been doing

Seabra has been asking me to update my blog for the last year. So here are a bunch of pictures.
Saebra got baptized. We had a great day with family. She played ball this summer and is in cheer. She is the sweetest girl ever!
Tanner played alot of ball this summer and took 3rd in state. He did a great job as short stop. He wishes the season wasn't over. Oh well, football starts soon enough. He is such a goofball as you can see from some of the pictures I hope posted for me.
TJ is in a rock band. He has taught himself to play the guitar. He works really hard at it and loves it! He now is driving(learners permit). I feel so old. I miss the days when I could choose what he would wear,do,go,and basically everything! I am just glad he is a good kid. I can't control everything!
That is just a little from the last year. I am sure I won't post again for another year. So check back then!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I haven't posted in forever! We've had a good summer. Lots of baseball,yard work, and trying to keep kids busy. We've spent time with family, camping(not me, I'm not a camper), Owls games, b-day parties(lots of summer ones)etc.
Titus and I took the kids to Cove Fort for the 4th. I had never been there. It was great! I highly recommend it! I love history and all stories of strong faithful people. We did think it would be kind of cool to raise a family in a fort if it was one you weren't being shot at. The Hinkleys got along with the indians so it was a safe place.
Go there if you get a chance. The missionaries there love to tell stories. They took a lot of time with us showing my kids all sorts of the things kids did to stay busy back then. Man did they stay busy! My kids should not be complaining!
We went to Piute fishing after. Saebra caught the only fish.
It was a great time!